Why A Blog?

Is it worth getting a blog for your business?

The answer is yes. A blog is less expensive and stressful to start than you probably think, it can help you to make sales and offer many benefits to your business, and it has distinct advantages over other platforms such as social media.

In this video, filmed at the Super Charge Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, John Chow gives you 4 reasons you should get a blog.


A blog is 100% controlled by you. Social media is not. Your Facebook page is controlled by Facebook and your YouTube channel is controlled by YouTube.

When you agree to the terms of service, you are agreeing that those networks can ban you at any time for any reason – even if they just don’t like you.

You can spend all the effort, time and money to build a following on social media, but it can all be gone overnight if you do one thing wrong.

A blog, on the other hand, can’t be taken away. You are in total control.


A blog is inexpensive to start. John Chow started his blog for $9.95, which was the cost of the domain name registration. You can host your blog for $5 per month or less.

You can even choose from thousands of high-quality and professional blog designs for free.

As you build your blog, you will probably want to invest more money into it, but you can start out with the bare essentials before you have a big budget. For next to nothing, you can get a basic online presence.


Installing a blog doesn’t require you to be a tech genius. You can do it 100% yourself without needing to hire any help, because most hosting platforms include a one-click install of WordPress.

For an even simpler option, you have free blogging platforms that don’t require hosting, such as Blogger or Tumblr. Keep in mind that these are not your own websites, so you still have to agree to the terms of service and run the risk of being banned.

Also, when you have your own WordPress site, you have far more customization capability if you choose to use it.


Coming up with content for your blog shouldn’t be a burden. It should be an opportunity to make sales.

If you’ve been running your business for some time, you have probably found that your customers ask you the same questions again and again.

Your blog can be a place to answer these questions in a written or video format. Each blog post can answer one frequently asked question, and you can refer customers back to that post whenever they ask you that question.

By doing this, your blog becomes a device to aid your customers through the buyer’s journey, from awareness to consideration to decision.

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You are bombarded with new and different traffic sources all the time. Facebook ads. Google AdWords. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, display ads, direct mail, CPA networks…

The obvious question is, which is the best?

John Chow’s opinion is that Google search is the best traffic source in the world. Not the paid ads, but the organic search results. After all, what is more targeted than someone searching for “how to make money online” or some other query that matches what you sell?

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, he explains why blogging is
the key to getting free Google search traffic.


What’s more targeted? A list of people who live in North America and purchased something in the last 12 months, or people who right now are searching Google for “laser pointers where to buy?”

Search traffic is more targeted than any other traffic source. You can’t beat it.

Google, of course, is the biggest search engine. 1.17 billion people used it in 2012, and this has only continued to rise.

Google is responsible for 40% of the traffic on the internet. A couple of years ago, Google’s servers went down for one minute and internet traffic was measured to have dropped by 40%. Google’s servers went up again and so did the level of internet traffic.

All the solo ad traffic in the world would not account for 0.01% of Google’s traffic. Best of all, if you know what you’re doing, you can access Google’s traffic for free.


55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. John Chow’s blog was viewed 12 million times in 2014. It would take 218 years for that many people to see Liechtenstein.

Even more amazingly, he didn’t spend a cent on advertising and marketing to get 12 million visits in a year.

Why? Because Google loves blogs.

People on Google are searching for content that can answer their questions. If you have good content, Google will rank you. They’ll give you free and targeted traffic.

That’s why a blog, full of content that answers common questions and problems in the marketplace, is the key to accessing floods of free traffic from Google.

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A lot of people have their own blog, but most bloggers have little to no readers.

Simply blogging every day and aggressively adding more content won’t automatically get you traffic. There are two sides to blogging, and populating your blog with content is just one of them. The other one is getting your blog in front of people.

If you’ve been slaving away at blogging and it seems like no one knows your blog exists, you need to change your strategy.

In this video, filmed at the Traffic Summit during the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, Paul O’Mahony shares 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog.


Offer to write for established blogs in your niche. Don’t wait for them to ask you.

Every blog is always looking for content, so if you reach out to them and offer to contribute content for them, they’ll nearly always say yes.

Plus, especially if you’re contributing for free, they’ll nearly always let you promote your own blog through your content. This will give you a residual stream of traffic back to your blog.


Once your own blog is up and running, ask for guest writers and put the invitation on a prominent place on your blog. Some of your own readers will respond to this and agree to write for you.

Guest writers put a lot of effort into their content, because they’re often using it as a way to get traffic to their own blogs. You’ll get high quality content and you don’t need to spend the time writing it yourself.

Plus, you’ll get new traffic from this. Your guest writers will probably want to share their content with their own followings, exposing your blog to more potential readers.


The bigger the reach of the guest writers you attract to your blog, the more traffic you’ll get when they share their content with their following.

If you put your guest writer invitation on your blog itself, only your existing readers will see it, and they are unlikely to have the biggest of reaches.

As well as this, contact the authors for other blogs. Go to the biggest ones in your niche and see who’s contributing the content. Some of these writers already have large followings. Reach out to these people and invite them to write for your blog as well.


The biggest mistake people make with blogging is they start writing the standard information that a million people have already written about.

Instead, write about the most recently trending topics. This is what people want to read about. If a hurricane happened in Thailand, find some way to relate it to the topic of your blog.

If you’re the first person in your niche to write about it, then you’ll get all the traffic when they go searching for information about it.

Use tools like Twitter and Google Trends to find what’s trending, and get on them as fast as you can.


Paul O’Mahony runs his business from Cambridge, UK. It’s a university city that releases a lot of graduates every year. They’re looking for work, but often need to get some experience before most recruiters will consider them.

Paul offers internships to the graduates, and allows them to write and research for his blogs. They’re happy to do it for free, because they need the experience. He’ll just take them out for drinks on a regular basis to show his appreciation.

Your writing interns may share their content with their own social networks, and it also frees up your time to focus on the other traffic strategies.

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