Marketing Psychology: Those critical early sales!

Getting your first sale fast is the most critical thing you could do when first starting an online business.

The amount of time which elapses between making a decision to start an online business, and seeing real money show up in your bank account from that business, gives a good indication of whether someone will persist or quit.

Only the most stubborn people have the ability to continue working away at this and seeing nothing in return for 6+ months.  Luckily for me, I was one of those people – because it actually took me 9 months to get my first sale.

My problem was I thought I needed to know everything before I ever executed.

So I spent many, many months studying courses in learning mode.

Learning does not = money.  Only applied learning will put dollars in your bank account.

During this difficult time, I tried to stay optimistic by telling myself, “I’ve just got to keep on going. I’ve got to persist.”

The more time I put into it, the more determined I became to make it work.

Not everyones like this though.  For many, the more time that goes by without seeing results, the less determined they become.  After a few months when there’s no evidence it works, they start to lose faith.

Once they start to lose faith and become negative about their business, their negative attitude starts branching out like a ripple effect to the rest of their business. It contaminates their emails, videos, social media, etc (or stops them from even trying those marketing channels).

So if you are brand new here, priority number one is to ask the question, “How do I get a customer in the shortest amount of time possible?”

Really think through the answer.

Maybe you know someone who’s really curious about what you’re doing – they’re fascinated with the idea of internet marketing.  But you’re holding off telling them about your business because first you want to get some sales so you can have ‘proof’ that it works.

Well, that’s a mistake.  That’s taking the long way.  The shortest path would be to just show them what you’re doing, and if they want to buy from you then (which they very well might since they know you), you’ll have made your first sale.

Your first sale will give you the most amazing feeling in the world!

It’s like a magical moment. When I got my first sale (a $1,000 commission), it suddenly breathed life right back into me. I got my second sale about five weeks later, and things started happening a lot faster from that point on.

It’s never too late to turn it all around either…

If you’ve been attempting to build your business for what feels like a very long time, but still not seeing results, you really need to focus back on that first question.

“What is the one thing you could do today, or the series of things that you could do today that would actually bring in a customer?

Take a few minutes to watch this video HERE:

Now ask yourself  “How critical is it for my own psychology to get my first sale?”

YOU have the answer, don’t delay, take action today, here’s your link!

Your ability to bring cash into your business depends on your ability to create effective offers to your market.

What goes into creating an offer? The main three components are the copy, the design and the video. Assemble them together, put the offer in front of cold or warm traffic and you can start collecting cash.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Jamaica, Mike Williams talks about effective offer creation and management.


The first job of creating an offer is writing a compelling copy. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a written copy. It might be a video script, a phone script or whatever medium you plan on making the offer through.

Regardless of the medium, always frame the copy around a story. Imagine you click an ad and it takes you to an offer. A video pops up and someone says, “From 1997 to 2017, 367,000 clients have trusted us…”

This copy isn’t framed around a story. It’s framed around numbers, and it will only make most people zone out.

On the other hand, imagine if the video started with, “Hi, my name is Mike Williams. 5 years ago, I was in a very difficult place financially. Now, I live in a very comfortable home…”

Most people will find the story-based copy far more engaging, because they can relate to it.


The story gets people’s attention, and the next element in your copy needs to be something to keep them interested.

Ideally, you want to use social proof. Assemble as many testimonials and success stories as you can, of people who have bought the product and gotten impressive results with it, and showcase them in the offer.

If you don’t yet have any solid success stories, you may need to use hype. Dramatize the pain that the product will help your customer escape, or the gain that it will bring to them. Be careful, though, because using too much hype can reflect badly on your brand. Switch to social proof as soon as you have it.


The copy is the first job to be done, but it’s not the last.

Assuming you’ll be presenting your offer on a website, you will need effective design. This is not a high priority,
but it does have to be done. You can outsource this to an expert designer who will make the website look attractive.

The MOBE Gold Masterclass goes into more depth on this topic. It will show you how to create front end offers
and build a consistently profitable business using a Customer Acquisition Process.

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If you have a blog or a website, you don’t want people to visit once, leave and then forget about you.

You want to hold onto them by capturing them as a lead and following up with them. That way, you can continually provide them with more value and have them buy from you repeatedly.

John Chow thinks of his blog as one big opt-in mechanism. The entire blog is designed to capture leads and send them through John’s sales funnel.

In this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji, John gives some tips for capturing leads and keeping their attention after they’ve opted in.


An easy way to capture leads is to offer a free incentive. This could be a video, a piece of software that accomplishes some task relevant to your market, or an ebook.

John Chow gives away an ebook as an incentive to capture leads. To create the ebook, he simply compiled all his old blog posts relevant to the theme of the book, and made a few adjustments.

If you’ve been blogging for 6 months or longer, you have enough material to compile an ebook. It doesn’t need to take you a lot of additional work. Another option is to use a private label ebook to save yourself the work of writing it yourself.


Once you do capture your leads, here are some tips to keep their attention and interest.

First of all, remind them of why they’re here. Remind them that they entered their email into one of your websites and requested your ebook, video or whatever you promised them.

This may seem unnecessary, but people forget quickly. They might not check their email until several hours later, and an unfamiliar name in their inbox might confuse them and cause them to hit the spam button.

Next, set the expectation of what your emails will be about. Give your leads a reason why they should read your emails over everyone else’s.

Don’t go overboard with your background. Keep it short, and give your leads a chance to warm to you first. Don’t take their attention for granted.

The MOBE Gold Masterclass goes into more depth on this topic. It will show you how to find customers, sell to them and build a consistently profitable business using a Customer Acquisition Process. To learn more about the Gold Masterclass, click HERE.

MOBE Success Story Of The Day:
Platinum Consultant Pat Dunn Earns $6,600

Platinum consultant Pat Dunn has been employed in the medical field as a nurse and an occupational health consultant, until the big recession hit in 2008. In search of another opportunity, Pat bought over a coffee shop, which turned out a complete disaster. After the retirement and an unfortunate death of her husband later in 2014, she was looking for something else to do with her life and plunged into the online marketing business. Today, Pat is positioned at Platinum level, promoting IMF Workshops, and has just recently earned $6,600 in commissions.

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