About Web Optimization!

Here’s how Google finds websites. The Google bot follows all the links on the internet that it can find. If it finds your website, it will index you into its search results.

Then, it will look at all your internal links and index every page it can find on your website.

In order for Google to know your website exists, another website must link to you. If you have a brand new website and there are no links to you yet, it will be a while before the bot finds you.

How can you speed up the process? John Chow gives you some insider tips in this video  filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji.



If you have no links yet, it’s still possible to get into Google within 24 hours. Just tell Google you exist. Head over to Google Webmasters.

If you have a Gmail address, you’ll already have an account. Then just enter the URL of the site you own.

Google will require you to take a few steps to confirm you are the owner. They’ll give you a file to upload to your website. Once you’ve done this, your website should start appearing in Google search results.


Using a site map makes the Google bot’s job easier in finding all the pages of your site. A site map is a document that lists out all the pages of your site, and includes a note on how often they’re updated and which pages have priority.

The easier you make Google’s job, the faster you will rank.

If you register with no site map, the bot has a harder job in finding all your pages. When you make changes to your site, it may also take a longer time for them to be reflected in the Google search results. That’s not good for you, for Google or for people searching on Google.


If your website runs on WordPress, there’s a plugin that automatically creates and updates your site map. It’s called Google XML Sitemaps, by Arne Brachhold.

By using this plugin, you just focus on updating your website and the site map takes care of itself.


There are certain pages of your site you don’t want the Google bot to index. You don’t want people accessing your admin folder, which contains important files that keep your website functioning. You don’t want people accessing the password protected part of your website. That’s for you only.

By using a file called robots.txt, you can list out the parts of your website that you don’t want the general public to access. The Google bot will make a note of this and leave them out of Google search results.

Another thing you want to do is eliminate duplicate content. When you write for your blog, the content is duplicated in at least 3 places. You don’t need 3 different pages in Google that all have the same content. That’s confusing both for the Google bot and for searchers.

The robots.txt is your chance to point out to the Google bot which folders are duplicates. It will ignore those and index everything else.

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When you buy traffic from solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads or just about any other method, what page do you want people to land on after they click on your ad?

You want them to land on a squeeze page, also called a lead-capture page or an opt-in page.

A squeeze page should be very simple. It should call people to one single action, which is to enter their contact information. Then, you can use that contact information to follow up and send them offers.

In this video, filmed at a Titanium Mastermind in the Bahamas, Shaqir Hussyin explains the only 3 elements you need for a high-converting squeeze page.



The biggest rule of a high-converting squeeze page is that less copy is more. Remember that you’re fighting for people’s attention against other websites, so you don’t have a lot of time to win them over.

If you have a long squeeze page with many elements and a lot of copy, people won’t bother to read it all and your conversions will go down.

Instead, go for this simple 3-element formula:

1. Headline
2. Bullets
3. Call to action


The headline is the first thing people will notice when they land on your squeeze page. The most effective headline you can write is one that is curiosity-based and offers some instant gratification.

For example, one of Shaqir Hussyin’s squeeze page headlines is “Download the Magic Bullet List Building Blueprint.”

This headline ticks both of the boxes. It provokes curiosity and promises an instant deliverable on the other side of the squeeze page.


For the bullets, use 3 big hooks from the content of whatever deliverable you’re promising on the other side of the squeeze page. This is often called a lead magnet.

One of Shaqir Hussyin’s lead magnets was a cheat sheet that informed people how to get their first 1,000 subscribers. In the cheat sheet, he would explain the 3 biggest mistakes or misconceptions about list building and sell his system that solves it.

If you get stuck writing the bullet, always use the formula “How to get X result without Y pain.” For example, “How to get your first 100 leads without talking to friends and family.”


Aside from the call to action that asks for contact information in exchange for the lead magnet, there is one other thing that you are permitted to do on your squeeze — That is to elevate your status.

One of Shaqir Hussyin’s squeeze pages is designed to funnel people to Matt Lloyd’s video sales letter. On the
squeeze page, Shaqir includes a picture of himself with Matt Lloyd and includes the copy, “Special Message from Shaqir Hussyin and Matt Lloyd.”

He does this to elevate his status and provide his own endorsement of the offer, rather than sending traffic to someone else’s offer without building any rapport first.

Especially if you are funneling leads to someone else’s offer, make sure that you elevate your status on your squeeze page so that you maintain a relationship with your own list.

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Shaqir Hussyin once spent $25,000 on a mentor to teach him how to think better. What do you think of that?

If your reaction is, “I don’t need to think better,” then that’s a sign you do need to think better. That kind of negative thinking is what’s holding you back.

Positive thoughts are what create positive actions, and positive actions are what create positive results.

In this video, filmed at the Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia, Shaqir Hussyin shares a tip and a resource to help you think positive thoughts throughout the day.


If you’re not happy with your results, it’s because you’re taking the wrong actions. If you’re taking the wrong actions, it’s because you’re thinking the wrong thoughts. Your thoughts drive your actions, whether they’re positive or negative.

If you think negative thoughts, and you believe you’re clueless and unqualified, then your actions will follow. You’ll want to buy more courses and consume more information than you’re producing.

If you think positive thoughts, and you believe you’re capable of doing great things, the actions change. You’ll start producing and taking positive actions, and you’ll get the positive results to match.


The simplest way to shift your thinking away from negative thoughts and towards positive thoughts is to capture every win, no matter how small.

Coming to an event is a win. Learning one new thing is a win. Generating a lead or making a small sale is a win.

Shaqir Hussyin recommends a free app called WinStreak, which is available on iTunes or Google Play.

With this app, you can write down your 3 biggest wins at the end of each day. It could be a small win, like emailing your list. It could be a big win, like donating to an orphanage.

The important thing is not how big the wins are. It’s that you start to perceive yourself as a “winner” and you start
to perceive your wins as abundant, not scarce. Then, your thoughts become positive, your actions become positive and your results become positive.

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