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MOBE Success Stories Of The Day

Diamond Consultant Kathy Kapitan Earns $27,723 With A Hybrid Strategy!

Kathy Kapitan, a Diamond consultant with MOBE, is an IT professional and has never done any marketing before. She’s now still doing affiliate marketing part-time before she can replace her main full-time source of income. Yet look at her, tacking away an almost $28k number in one month in commissions!

Kathy is using a really versatile hybrid strategy to drive her traffic and convert leads. She shares more about it, as well as an unexpected element to her strategy, HERE in this video.

Assistant Principal & Diamond Consultant James Powell Earns $5,500

Diamond consultant James Powell has recenly got himself a nice Platinum commission, and he is a living example
of why you do not put a cross on your aged traffic! James learned some better buyer follow-up strategies from his coach and implemented them with slight tweaks on his older leads that he was considering long gone. A platinum upgrade didn’t take long to happen.

Want to know how exactly James did that? Listen to the full call with him HERE.

Diamond Consultant Kimberly Niven Earns $10,050

From a Vice-President of Sales in an IT services company to a solo online marketing entrepreneur. Diamond consultant Kimberly Niven started looking for something to do on her own when she was laid off after 19 years of successful career. She attended an IM Freedom workshop herself, and now she is promoting IMFs with some great back-end results.

Want to know more of how she’s doing it? Listen to the full call with Kimberly HERE to find out more about her successful start.

Did you know we have a whole Marketplace with hundreds of products you can promote and earn commissions on, even if you’re not yet positioned and are still a standard consultant?

No automatic alt text available.Take a look at the course “The Power of Branding Your Business”!

When you think of any big company, the brand is probably the first thing to come to mind. In fact, there are very few successful businesses that don’t have a prominent brand and it’s hard to imagine how a company could get big without investing in its image and creating an identify for itself.

Despite this, many small businesses and internet businesses don’t take the necessary time to create a strong brand and a strong identity that they can use to drive their organization forward. Why? Often it comes down a lack of understanding. Not only do many businesses and entrepreneurs not understand how branding works; many also don’t understand just how important branding is.

Get your copy here: https://mobemarketplace.com/courses/the-power-of-branding-your-business-matt-bernstein!

LinkedIn has more than 400 million members, and there’s bound to be a few of them who will turn out to be some of your best customers. If your business is not on LinkedIn, why not?

LinkedIn can serve many purposes in your marketing. You can use it to find new leads, broadcast your message to your audience and even to directly make a sale.

Watch this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, to hear Daven Michaels’ top 2 tips for reaching your market with LinkedIn.


At first glance, Daven Michaels’ LinkedIn page may look the same as any other LinkedIn page. However, the
content is different. Most people write their LinkedIn profile like a resume. Daven writes his LinkedIn profile like a sales page.

What does this mean exactly? Instead of writing out the roles and responsibilities that he takes on within his companies, Daven uses LinkedIn as an opportunity to state the benefits of his products and services and the problems they can solve for their target customer.

For example, the top of his profile reads, “New York Times Best Selling Author on a mission to help small to
medium sized businesses grow with pioneering Outsourcing and Call Center Solutions.”

This way, anyone who fits the profile of Daven’s target customer and stumbles onto his LinkedIn profile is met
with a compelling sales message. If they own a small to medium sized business and they are looking for outsourcing or call center solutions, they will become interested in finding out how Daven’s products and services can help them.

There’s no reason you can’t structure your LinkedIn profile in the same way.


With LinkedIn, you can create groups and add your connections to them. Then, you can broadcast to the group whenever you have something to say or something to sell. This is much like building a list that you email on a regular basis.

The difference is it doesn’t cost you anything to operate, and you don’t need to worry about spam filters and deliverability issues, because your messages are delivered through LinkedIn.

Make sure your group title and description explains the value that people will get from joining your group. You should also consider giving away a free gift to people who join the group, to increase the conversion rate.

The MOBE Gold Masterclass goes into more depth on this topic. It will show you how to find customers, sell to them and build a consistently profitable business using a Customer Acquisition Process. To learn more about the Gold Masterclass, click here.

Some of you are bashful when it comes to marketing. You think your list is delicate, and you are afraid to market and sell properly.

“What if they get annoyed about being sold to? What if they unsubscribe? What if I’m being too pushy?”

These are all irrational fears. Instead, the question you should be asking is, “What if they don’t even know what
I’m selling because I didn’t make it clear enough?”

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Mark Hoverson explains why you need to be an aggressive marketer and “hammer your list with offers.”


Don’t take the approach of emailing your list infrequently and only occasionally making an offer because you’re afraid to upset them. You have a lot of competition from other marketers and if you are not constantly in your customers’ faces, they will forget about you.

Think of your list as always getting cold. You need to be frequently shaking them up to warm them up again.

Don’t be afraid of people unsubscribing. You might have a few hundred people on your list, but only one or two of them will ever spend enough money to change your life. You need to be focused on finding those one or two perfect buyers, not worried about losing the others who were never going to spend money anyway.


Be aggressive in your marketing and throw everything you’ve got.

Mark Hoverson has done over a thousand webinars with his audience. How many have you done?

He read more books in a year than most people read in their lifetime. He failed more times in one year than most people do in their lifetime. He risked more money in one year than most people do in their lifetime.

This kind of aggressive action is the only way to get what you’re after. Dipping your toe in will rarely work. You’ll find that making sales is easy, once you are unafraid to sell.

The MOBE Gold Masterclass goes into more depth on this topic. It will show you how to find customers, sell to them and build a consistently profitable business using a Customer Acquisition Process. To learn more about the Gold Masterclass, click HERE.