Whos is the “Typical” Entrepreneur?

What are the typical characteristics of an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are usually highly creative. They have visionary ideas. They are also daring decision-makers. They like to take risks. They seek independence and freedom. Does this sound like you?

Joe Sugarman says that a true entrepreneur is a person who makes a lot of money, loses it all and makes it all back again. He reveals some more traits of the “typical” entrepreneur in this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Entrepreneurs are not infallible. They have some flaws as well.

They tend to bristle under authoritarian figures. They have a moderate need for power and to be the one in control.

They may come up with great imaginative ideas, but sometimes they have trouble letting these ideas go. Sometimes they are rigid, stubborn and resist change.

They are not always the best managers, either. Often they are dominating and can be difficult to work with. Other times, they are too wrapped up in their own projects to be worrying about others.


A study found that the average entrepreneur is a male between ages 30 and 35. But this is changing.

With the internet, anyone can be an entrepreneur. You can be any race, color, creed, nationality, gender and age. With the internet, there are no excuses.

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You’ve heard about branding yourself and how it’s so powerful. But what if you have little to no results, and not much credibility in your industry?

A lot of people think they’re not ready to brand themselves, but they’re wrong. In fact, you are already a brand, whether you know it or not.

Your life history, your attitudes and your personality are uniquely yours. No one else shares the same traits. Just by being yourself, you will naturally stand out and create a unique brand.

If you’re not sure about how to go about branding yourself, watch this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic. T.J. Rohleder and Chris Lakey will teach you how to create a brand out of what you’ve already got.


When T.J. and his wife, Eileen, began their business, they were still poor and living out of a farmhouse. They were bringing in $500 a day in revenue, but no profit. Everything was going back into the business.

T.J. suggested they go to the rich end of town and stand in front of a mansion. His mentor, Russ Von Hoelscher, advised him not to do that. Don’t pretend you’re someone you’re not, he said.

Later on, when Russ suggested that T.J. start doing seminars, T.J. was hesitant. He couldn’t see himself putting on a suit and tie and delivering a seminar. Russ suggested he deliver his seminars in blue jeans instead, and make it part of his brand.

Now, T.J. Rohleder calls himself “the blue jeans millionaire.” It’s a brand he’s formed not from presenting a fake image, but by simply being himself.


T.J.’s best advice for creating a strong brand is to express yourself fully.

At the MOBE mastermind, he watched attendees filming their first marketing videos. Many of them were brilliant at branding themselves and didn’t even know it, because they were just being themselves and expressing their real personality.

You don’t have to put on a fake image and pretend to be someone you’re not. A segment of the market will like you for who you are.

Even if you’re selling an identical product to your competitors, your personal brand is your chance to differentiate yourself. Your personal and professional history, your life experiences and your personality are things that no one else shares.

No one else has the same story as you. Use that to your advantage in your marketing.

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What is the secret to coming up with new email content?

Here are three-simple ways to keep your writing creative every day…

First, you should always look for possible stories in your day-to-day life and then tell that story in an email… For example, have you made any creative sales lately? Describe your story in an email.

Second, you should work on becoming more of a teacher… When you teach something, it forces you to think about it from different angles, and the information always sinks in at a much deeper level.

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