Mobe Milestones!

John Chow Crosses $3.5 Million with MOBE

Diamond Consultant John Chow became a MOBE consultant in 2012 and won his first contest (and $10,000 Cash) right off the bat. Since that time, John has been a consistent presence on all of the MOBE leaderboards; as well as a frequent presenter at our Super Charge Summits and Mastermind Summit events.

Recently, John crossed the $3.5 Million mark and he remains one of our all-time top performing consultants.

Watch John’s story HERE.

Speaking of Milestones…

It’s time to request YOUR MOBE Milestone rings!  

If you have crossed any of the Milestone marks, you can request your reward ring  NOW. And if you have already earned multiple rings, you can request them ALL at one time.

For all 5-Figure Rings, we will ship those directly to your home, along with a beautiful, custom-made display box that will hold your current and future reward rings.

If you are receiving 6-Figure and/or 7-Figure Rings, you will need to reserve your spot at the Leaders’s Retreat and all of your rings will be presented from the stage  (and recorded, of course, for your use in your marketing.)

NOTE:  All 6- and 7-Figure ring requests must be received  a minium of 8 weeks prior to the Leaders’ Retreat in which you have reserved your spot.  Remember that the Leaders’ Retreat has limited space – so make your plans NOW.

For Full Details and the link to request your rings, click HERE.

MOBE Motors Stories

Diamond Consultants and Career Entrepreneurs, Sue & Jerry Smart Find
a Perfect Match in MOBE and Earn a New Jaguar!

Diamond Consultants Sue and Jerry Smart have been career entrepreneurs for their entire married life. Sue owned a successful beauty salon for over 20 years and Jerry built a successful printing company in their native Sydney, Australia.

Sue and Jerry enjoyed running their lucrative businesses and built a great lifestyle for themselves; but when they started a family, their focus shifted and they began to yearn for a business that would offer them the same financial advantages they had enjoyed with much more time freedom to spend with their children and grandchildren.

Sue researched and invested in several online opportunities, but when she found MOBE, she discovered a business model that offered done for you services that would free up the Smart’s time and allow them to enjoy the time freedom for which they had been searching.

Now the Smarts live the life they want, working when they want, and traveling where they want – all while continuing to drive the traffic to their MOBE funnels that allow them to continue to make the commissions that helped them to qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. Sue and Jerry are now driving a brand new Jaguar R-Sport that is paid for by MOBE.

Listen to Sue & Jerry’s story HERE.

To discover how you can qualify to drivethe car of your dreams, click here.

MOBE Success Story Of The Day:

Former Dentist & Diamond Consultant Kae Bajwa Earns $73,127
In Just Two Months

Kae Bajwa found MOBE from an online ad which brought her to the Get More Customers Summit in August, where she decided to position as Diamond and straight away flew to Costa Rica to attend a Titanium Mastermind. There, she was lucky to meet her mentor, and the rest is history. From a career of a dentist, just 2 months later she stands at more than $73,000 promoting IMF events.

Want to know more of how she’s doing it? Check out the full call with Kae HERE.

Learn The Magic Of Facebook Ads With Blessing & Gabriel Ekemezie! How?Join The Next Elite Earners’ Call On 5th December @ 9pm EST

Blessing and Gabriel are making waves within MOBE for their skyrocketing success and are frequently found on the leaderboards. Their current earnings in MOBE are around $80,000 majority of which were achieved in just couple of past months. Join them next Tuesday night, Dec 5 at 9pm EST, as they teach you how to master Facebook marketing with 21 step sales.

Blessing is the mother of five children. She was a professional pharmacist for over 26 years before being unexpectedly fired from her job. She attended Howard University where she received her Pharmacy degree. She is the current president of “Touch A Life Evangelic Ministry” here in the United States and found MOBE online while she was searching for a new career path.

Gabriel Ekemezie is Blessing’s eldest son and business partner. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Psychology and minor in Chemistry. Afterwards he attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine where he completed a Biomedical Science degree and was accepted into medical school. He later decided to drop out of medical school and pursue becoming an entrepreneur. Gabe was introduced to MOBE by his mother and they decided to partner up together to build the business.

Join this live webinar with Blessing and Gabriel Ekemezie HERE.