It’s Reward Time!

MOBE Motors Case Study Of The Day:

Diamond Consultant Venkat Ramineedi Leaves the Rat Race Behind, Builds an Online Business and Earns a New Mercedes!

Diamond Consultant Venkat Ramineedi enjoyed a successful career as a software engineer, but the long hours left him with little free time to spend with his family.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Venkat decided to build a real estate business; which was so successful he wrote a book that taught others how to build a passive income in real estate investing. However, the success of that business also left him without the free time he wanted to live a life of freedom.

Venkat knew he needed to find a better solution. That’s when he discovered MOBE, began training with a coach, and began to take advantage of the MOBE phone sales team who does all of the selling for him. All he has to do is place ads to draw leads into the system and the phone team takes over from there.

Watch his full story here (and see the brand new Mercedes he got)

Venkat’s success with the MOBE system has allowed him to enjoy time with his family and travel the world; and it also helped him qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Now he’s driving a brand new Mercedes that is fully paid for by MOBE.

To discover how you too can qualify to drive the car of your dreams, click here.

MOBE Success Stories Of The Day:

Diamond Consultant Carolina Millan $28,842 In A Week With 21 Step Programs

Here’s an inspirational story of yet another successful month for Carolina Millan, where she earned almost $30k from promoting 21 Steps on Facebook! As she sais, no rocket science, and all that while travelling. She is mostly promoting WiFi Millionaire in Spanish, and is amazed how well it is performing. Tune into the call with Carolina HERE to find out more!

Diamond Consultant Alvaro Mendoza Earns $25,800 Utilising His List And Connections

Diamond consultant Alvaro Mendoza has been heavily promoting WiFi Millionaire program in the Hispanic market, and in only 2 (!) months was already able to generate $40,000 in commissions. Through 18 years in the online marketing business Alvaro is very well known in his market and has built very strong connections and customer base which he is now utilising in various ways available to him. Listen to Alvaro’s story here to know what he is doing and how he managed to achieve these outstanding results.

Diamond Consultant Steve Shelton Proves It’s Never Too Late!

Steve Shelton was a busy, successful physician when he joined MOBE in 2014, getting positioned at the Platinum level. He intended to build his online business at the time but was sidetracked by his “job” and never really got serious about his new business.

Then, life intervened and Steve suffered a health crisis that left him unable to work; but with time on his hands and the foresight to understand that he needed to take action to protect his future – Steve saw a solution.

Steve decided to take advantage of the MOBE Tuition Reimbursement Program, upgraded to Diamond, and began promoting his MOBE Business. After only a few months, Steve not only qualified for the MOBE Motors program which allowed him to start driving a new Mercedes, he crossed $100k in commissions and also became eligible to participate in the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat.

And although Steve’s results are not typical, his story is an example of what is POSSIBLE and Steve’s success can be a lesson to all of us that it’s NEVER too late to take action and grow your business!

Listen to Steve’s story HERE.

From Matt Lloyd’s Dashboard:


“One of the best pieces of advice I can give you if you want to get good at marketing, is to study the principles first, and tactics second. Study what makes an ad actually work, Vs. studying which newest social media platform to go place ads on.

If I had a marketing apprentice working for me, and I had a vested interest in their future earnings (say, 10% of their gross sales for the next 10 years), the very first thing I’d do is get them to study the classic direct response marketing books.

I’d keep them away instagram, Facebook, and from subscribing to the email lists of this weeks newest internet marketer, and I’d make them read those books cover-to-cover.

Books like:

Scientific Advertising and My Life In Advertising – Claude Hopkins, 1923

Ogilvy On Advertising – David Ogilvy, 1983

Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz, 1966

Tested Advertising Methods (4th Edition) – John Caples, 1982

The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier, 1931

The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

The Ultimate Sales Letter – Dan Kennedy

If you check the years these books were published, you’ll notice most are from pre-1980. Long before the internet was around.

And that’s precisely the point.  Advertising was far harder and inaccessible before the internet came along.  So the best direct-response marketers had to be far superior in their ability to make a lot of money.

For you and me today, we can test an ad on Twitter within 2 minutes from now, all from our phone, with a $50 budget. For the ‘old school’ direct response marketers, testing ads through direct mail or print advertising could take many weeks (if not monts) to organise and execute. 

The upfront costs to do these tests were much higher, so there was a lot more planning and strategy involved. They had to really hone their craft to get great results.  And since there was very few ‘marketing gurus’ around, most of what they learned was from actual paid advertising (ie. putting real money on the line, and eating what you killed).

There are some great summaries of the teachings of these marketers online.  But if you’re really serious about doing well in business, you’ll become a student of these teachers and actually read the books.”

Principles first, tactics second. Click the image to know more!