Mobe’s Who’s Who Sept. 2017

MOBE Motors Case Study Of The Day:

Platinum Consultant Allen Dockter joins MOBE in his retirement,
then quickly earns a new Chevy Silverado LTZ!

Platinum Consultant Allen Dockter lives on a small hobby farm in North Dakota where he and his wife Diana enjoy spending quality time with their 17 grandchildren.

After retirement, Allen began working in the oil fields making good money, but when the North Dakota oil boom ended, he was laid off at the age of 65. He began to look for online opportunities but everything he found required computer skills that he didn’t have.

That is when he discovered MOBE, which offered a team of coaches to help Allen learn what he needed to know to build his own online business.

Since then, Allen’s MOBE business has been so successful, that after only 8 months he qualified for the MOBE Motors program and is now driving a new Chevy Silverado LTZ – all paid for by MOBE!

Do you want to drive the car of your dreams too? Then head to mobemotors.com and see whether you already qualify for the vehicle of your choice!

MOBE Success Story Of The Day:

Diamond Consultants, Sue & Jerry Smart Are Enjoying The Laptop Lifestyle
And Just Made Another $2,500

Diamond consultants Sue and Jerry Smart have traded their traditional business for a dotcom lifestyle and have never looked back since. At the same time, they are not limiting themselves to only generating traffic online. Even for their internet based MOBE business Sue and Jerry explore the potential of offline marketing and simply talking to people face to face.

Interested in how exactly they are doing that? Listen to the call with Sue and Jerry HERE to discover their secrets!

Find Out What You Can Do To See More Commissions In Your Back Office…

If you are a Platinum or Diamond consultant, We Sell Good Traffic allows you acces to the best and most profitable source of leads and 21-Step buyers. Here’s yet another success story of a MOBE Consultants who got some WSGT buyer leads and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Diamond Consultant Moshe Vaknin Follows The System
And Hits $6,000 In 3 Months

Moshe Vaknin, a Diamond consultant from Israel, didn’t invent anything new and just followed the MOBE system that has already proven to be working. The key element that helped him go from 0 to $6,000 in just 3 months after finishing the 21 Steps was We Sell Good Traffic. Moshe purchased couple of packages, and with a good amount of follow-ups is already able to see incredible results.

Listen to the full talk with Moshe here to know more about WSGT.

Diamond Consultant Branding Videos Done For You!

Don’t Miss Out On Your Star Moment – Book Your Next Diamond Mastermind NOW

Your own branding video is just one of the products you can walk away with from a Diamond Mastermind. These videos detail YOUR story and that can be very powerful when speaking to your customers. Its all about building relationships, because mostly people don’t buy the product – they buy YOU and why YOU do it.

This unique piece of marketing content will help you start to brand youself and your business in the right way. Just get to the next Diamond Mastermind at the Sunset Del Mar Resort, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Here are just some examples of the videos that MOBE has done for our Diamond consultants. Want something like that for yourself? Upgrade to Diamond now, and the next Diamond Mastermind will work for you. Make sure to secure your spot fast, we will have 4 Diamonds in 2018 and they are selling out like hot cakes.

Murriet Allen Stops Chasing the American Dream and Builds It Instead
with an Online Business

Murriet Allen arrived in America in 1994 chasing the American Dream. No matter how hard she worked and tried, she felt like a dog chasing its tail.

Despite the challenges she was able to find and hold several corporate jobs for over 20 years until one day she was laid off. The company she was working for was bought out and everyone was laid off with little notice.

Murriet found herself scrambling to find another job. With a limited selection, she had no other option but to update her professional skills by going back to school. Even after completing her studies and getting new certification, Murriet was having a hard time getting back into the corporate world. There was just too much competition.

During that time Murriet realized that she was dedicating all her time and effort to her former bosses and jobs rather her family and children. She needed a new solution, something that would give her more time freedom and location freedom… not another 9-5 job. That’s when she found MOBE.

Here’s more of what Murriet had to say…

Murriet Allen Branding video (Diamond Bali)

To learn how you too can increase your business performance by using the MOBE Core Training Programs click here.